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About Author/Owner

Natasha Alleyne, a Licensed Cosmetologist for over 29 years and also a Licensed Instructor for 8 years. Owner & Operator of Healthy Concepts Hair & Beauty Center LLC and a branded hair care product line called

Healthy Concepts Hair Care Systems. Natasha is a wife, entrepreneur, marketing cultivator, and consultant for salon professionals.
Natasha has been teaching and training licensed professionals with a series she calls, “Having The Advantage, Strategies for Consistency & Growth." With a mantra of being Productive, Progressive, and Profitable in your business to cultivate a formula for success. She has helped over 40 stylists with 1 on 1 coaching sessions & workshops built on critical thinking.
Natasha will be innovating, collaborating, & restructuring her efforts in the industry to build an ecosystem that bridges the gap between competitors, and create a plan for partnerships that manifest tangible economic equity. Natasha believes that industry dominance can only be achieved with shared values & consistent strides.

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